This Animal Sanctuary Is Live-Streaming Cute Farm Content To Cure Your Self-Iso Boredom

edgar's mission

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on many aspects of our daily lives, but its easy to forget about the not-for-profit organisations that have been hit hard by the virus that has shaken up society.

But it turns out you can do your part for a NFP by simply tuning in to an adorable livestream of baby farm animals having their breakfast. Yes, it really is that simple.

Victorian animal shelter Edgar’s Mission has unfortunately had to cancel their sanctuary tours and their 17th Found Edgar Day as a result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, but you can still support their efforts by tuning into and sharing their adorable feeding sessions.

Founder Pam Ahern and the team at Edgar’s Mission regularly live-stream their feeding sessions, giving you enough cute farm animal content to have you signing up for Farmer Wants A Wife.

Look at this.

Obviously, as unemployment rates skyrocket around the country, not everyone has a few dollars to spare to help out a not-for-profit. Thankfully, Pam from Edgar’s Mission has advised that supporting the sanctuary with a simple follow or share on social media can also help to spread their message while most of us can’t really afford to donate.

We’re all bored out of our brains, and most of us have already exhausted every good show on Netflix and Stan, so why not tune into some cute animal videos and spread the word about a good cause?

Not to mention, they post a tonne of adorable content like this workout video that has me in tears. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and adopt a pet goat right now.

If you’re fortunate enough to have some extra cash, you can support the organisation by purchasing their cruelty-free cookbook, or making a donation on their website. But even if you don’t have any money to spare, you can help out Pam and the team at Edgar’s Mission by simply sharing their adorable animal content with your friends and family.

We could all use a bit of cute animal content to brighten up our days, and this way you’re helping to keep a much-needed animal sanctuary running.

When the coronavirus situation is over, you can take a tour of the sanctuary in Lancefield and live out your Farmer Wants A Wife dream alongside some of the cutest animals of all time.