Ed Sheeran Says Your Harsh ‘GoT’ Takes Weren’t The Reason He Quit Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days until you can corral together 59 measly minutes to watch the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones, you’re probably cognisant of the fact that Ed Sheeran made a cameo in it, for some reason.

The response to Sheeran’s cameo, which contributed nothing to the show other than having people go “Huh. That’s literally Ed Sheeran.” was generally not so great. It was bad enough that people blamed ol’ Ed deleting his Twitter on the backlash.
Then the director came out to defend Ed, making the point that the rest of the cast are “well known too”, so popping a celebrity in shouldn’t really be that different. He fails to address the point that the celebrity he chose to put in the episode was literally Ed Sheeran.
Now Ed’s clarifying that he didn’t actually quit Twitter because people were making fun of his expensive exercise in LARPing. He took to Instagram to clarify this very important point:
“I came off Twitter Coz I was always intending to come off Twitter,” he says. 

[It] had nothing to do with what people said about my game of thrones cameo, because I am in game of thrones, why the hell would I worry what people thought about that. It’s clearly fuckin’ awesome. Timing was just a coincidence, but believe what you want.

Admit it Ed. You cried about the mean tweets. We’ve all done it.
Source: Instagram.
Photo: Game of Thrones.