Dom & Jess From ‘Love Island’ Just Got Married On Live TV In Their Togs

Did you binge the hell out of Love Island last year? If you did, welcome to my cult. Nice to meet a fellow devotee. How good was the bit where they separated the girls and the guys and then threw in new girls and guys and showed the old girls/guys footage of the new ones hooking up with their partners, hoo-wee.

Anyway, although they aren’t exactly the best couple to come out of the show and tbh, I forgot about them completely until now – Dom and Jess just got married.

They’re the first couple from the entire show to get hitched, which is pretty major considering a lot of those couples are still together and v serious.

Thing is, they didn’t have some private, quaint country wedding. Oh, no. They did it on live morning TV. In swimmers. As you do.

The show was Good Morning Britain, and the wedding was held at 8.30am today – Valentine’s Day in the UK.

The pair got engaged in September last year, so it wasn’t too weird. Also in shit news, it’s not even legally binding.

People lost it online over the cheesy nuptials.

But Jess was pretty quick to say it was all a bit of fun.

Disappointed? Jess and Dom say they’ll get married in Mykonos later this year. So they’ll still likely be the first *legal* Love Island wedding, too.