Director Of Taylor Swift’s New Vid Calls Out Critics For “Double Standards”

Say what you will about Taylor Swift – she sure knows how to get people talking.

The clip for her latest single, the Right Said Fred-aping ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘, certainly had everyone scrutinising, deconstructing, conspiracy-theorising and throwing shade at the newly-reinvented pop star.

Some of the weightiest criticism has been that Swift is creating drama for drama’s sake (or more accurately, for the sake of selling a bunch of records and concert tickets) – resurrecting a ton of old beefs, sniping at rivals with a pointed video, and generally being calculating and catty.

Well, the director of the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ clip, industry veteran Joseph Kahn, has some choice words for those critics: that they’re big ol’ sexist meanies.

The response to Kahn’s defence has been mixed. Some people reckon he’s right on the money:

But others are suggesting that the invocation of gendered discrimination is just the same old deflection from a woman who’s regularly pulled the white-damsel-in-distress move to avoid criticism.

In the end, of course, it absolutely doesn’t matter. The game has been rigged from the start. Whoever’s right, Taylor Swift still wins.