‘Dear Fat People’ YouTuber Is Back Being Unfunny, This Time About Abortion

Remember Nicole Arbour, the American ‘comedian’ who caused widespread outrage with her astoundingly unfunny video ‘Dear Fat People’?

Well, she’s back, and this time is using her shitty take on Jenna Marbles-style ‘humour’ to talk about abortion, with a video called ‘Why Abortion Is Wrong’.

One of many choice lines in her 5-minute rant:

“If we want less abortions, we should have less alcohol. And that’s not gonna happen, ok people with the giant signs of dead babies protesting? You’re really gonna force a rape victim to have a baby? If you could fuck off with that, that’d be amazing.”

It seems to us that Arbour isn’t *actually* against abortion – she’s just taking the piss out of people who are, using a hot-button topic to troll the internet.

Well, it worked:

etc. And these were the kinder versions – we’re just not down with reposting tweets along the “kill yourself” line.

Then Lindy West, American author, outspoken feminist, and one of the women behind the fantastic #shoutyourabortion hashtag that recently went viral (a movement to break down the stigma and shame of a very common medical procedure, currently a hot topic in the U.S), got into it.

She posted these in response to Arbour’s “Dear Fat People” video:

AND THEN NOT ONE DAY LATER, “Why Abortion is WRONG!” came out.

Arbour blocked her. Ha – her M.O. might be to troll the entire internet, but clearly couldn’t take the wrath of West and her 60.4K Twitter followers.