Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Team Up For Secret Gig And No One Filmed It

It was comedy’s equivalent of Kanye West and Jay-Z watching the throne when an unannounced Chris Rock joined the equally unannounced Dave Chappelle on stage at New York’s Comedy Cellar.  And just like those pre-internet olden days, we can only speculate as to how jaw-droppingly awesome it was because none of the selfish assholes in the crowd filmed it. Dick move guys!

Fortunately The Comic’s Comic was considerate enough to at least inform us that gig took place and provided the following account of events.

Just as Chappelle was thanking the audience and preparing to leave, Rock hopped onstage, too, still clad in his hat and jacket.

“Aw, you lucky mother fu@&3rs.” Rock told them.

For the next hour, the two comedic icons just riffed. On the Oscars
and Seth MacFarlane’s performance as host. On Kevin Hart showing up at
the Cellar the other night, and his two sold-out concerts last fall at
Madison Square Garden. On Prince, who’s supposed to be in the city this
coming weekend. On Jay-Z and President Barack Obama, and the sights and
sounds of a $20,000-per-plate Obama fund-raiser last year at Jay-Z’s
40/40 Club.
Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Team Up For Secret Gig And No One Filmed

The two comedy greats then made onstage calls to Hova and Lenny Kravitz (both unanswered), before making tentative plans to tour together later in the year. Such plans posed more of a logistical problem for Rock with Chapella admitting that “After next Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years.

Picture by The Comic’s Comic