Dan Single Shares Gnarly X-Ray Of Broken Pelvis After Paris Hotel Fall

A year on from a fall that left him fighting for his life in a Paris hospital, Aussie entrepreneur and Ksubi founder Dan Single has shared a series of Instagram posts about his journey to recovery, including a gnarly x-ray image showing pins in his shattered pelvis.

After his fall, Single was was in intensive care in an induced coma, having “[shattered] every bone from the bottom of his spine to his heels, after landing directly feet first.” He remained in a coma for two weeks, and it was months before he was able to use his legs.

“A year ago today I was dead,” he wrote earlier today. “I had just fallen off a four-story balcony in Paris. Landed on the road, broke LOTS [of] bones in my body, hit my head, DIED. Came back to life, was in a coma for 8 days. I had 10 operations to put this body back together again.”

“I returned home in a wheelchair, [two months] later I was slowly getting about on crutches,” he continued. “I knew that if I put my mind to it and worked really hard I could recover and walk again. I’m still doing it, recovering.”

Single said that his body is now “hella sore” every day, but that he can walk without crutches, as well as surf, do push-ups and “swim further than ever.”

While recovering, he’s taken time off work and social media to “concentrate on a recovery of my body, mind, and spirit”, and says he’ll make the most of his “second chance at life.”

There are further pics from the last few months over on Dan Single’s Instagram.