Dakota Johnson Might Be Engaged So… Is That The Truth, Ellen?

dakota johnson engaged

The love of my life Dakota Johnson has sparked engagement rumours with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and I simply must know if this is actually the truth, Ellen.

This rumour has been floating around for a while now, ever since Dakota was spotted driving around LA with a giant emerald rock on her finger back in December.

However, suspicion has continued to grow in recent weeks as she has been spotted more and more wearing the ring.

An engagement is almost overdue for the couple, as a source in 2018 (for reference: it is now 2021) told Us Weekly that the couple would be “engaged soon” because “Chris is head over heels.”

Well, it’s been over two years, so give us a bloody engagement already!

But if that wasn’t enough to convince you that it’s an engagement ring and not just an “I’m rich and can afford a huge rock on my finger” ring, Dakota has reportedly enlisted the help of Gwyneth Paltrow to plan the wedding.

“Gwyn has the best contacts in LA and a whole team at Goop tastemakers on her payroll,” a source close to Johnson told New Idea earlier this year.

Honestly, you have to applaud Gwyneth and Chris’ undying efforts to be the most healthy divorced couple in existence. I mean, when they said they were “consciously uncoupling” I didn’t think that meant they were close enough for Gwyn to plan his new wedding.

A power move, honestly.

Obviously, it’s worth noting that the couple haven’t confirmed their engagement, so we have to take it all with a boulder-sized grain of salt right now. But I truly wouldn’t put it past them to have a secret wedding in Aspen or somewhere fancy and pop up a few months later with confirmation that they’re husband and wife.