You Might Have Missed The Nod To Daenerys’ S2 Vision In The ‘GoT’ Finale


So. THAT happened. And if you’re still reading you know exactly what we’re talking about – Daenerys Targaryen‘s downfall in the Game Of Thrones finale. The once good, now sadly Evil Queen was taken down by none other than her lover/nephew Jon Snow in an epic scene fans lost it over.

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Well, what you might not have picked up on was how those final scenes of Daenerys’ mirrored her vision from wayyy back in Season 2. Need a recap?

Basically, back when Dany made it to Qarth and had her bebe dragons stolen by that creepy bald guy who could multiply himself (remember? HELL SCENE), she went hunting for her dragons and ended up in a strange vision sequence.

There’s a second part where she walks out into Beyond The Wall that you *could* connect with Jon Snow walking out there at the end of the finale with the Wildlings…

Dany, season 2
Jon, finale

But tbh I think it would be a reach – why would Daenerys have a vision involving her living out Jon’s fate? Seems weird to me. The part I AM absolutely convinced of is that the showrunners matched up Dany’s final moments in the throne room with the first part of her vision, which goes as follows.

So, Dany walks into a fake throne room, strewn with what looks like snow but now could really be ash (was all that grey in the air ash? Or some snow?). Here’s a shot:

And here’s the shots in the season finale that match up.

Obviously, the throne room is far more damaged than in her vision but the crux of it is there – there’s the grey ash (or snow), the broken walls, the throne. Dany walking into it all alone.

THEN, it gets better. In the vision, Dany reaches out to touch the throne before hearing her baby dragons calling. She stops herself right before she touches it to head off in search of them. Here’s the shot:

And here’s the matching finale shot – except this time, Dany touches the throne.

So what did it all mean? Well, part of me thinks the showrunners just wanted to honour the vision in some way – having it match up means Daenerys really did see her future back in season 2. Maybe it simply meant she saw part of her future and the other part – whether she chose to be a merciful Queen or a vengeful one – was up to her?

There’s another nice part I’ve read far too much into – after she emerges into Beyond The Wall, she finds a tent and inside is Khal Drogo and their unborn baby (except, obviously, born). Drogo and Dany have a chat, and it’s really just “are you real? Are you a dream?” but at one point Drogo says this:

In my heart I hope Daenerys died, Drogo was waiting for her, and they walked off into the afterlife together with their bebe. That’s what I like to think, anyway.