Here Are Some Cursed Dolls You Can Visit If You’d Like A Zesty Demonic Encounter

If there’s one thing I really, really enjoy, it’s a spicy cursed doll tale. There’s something infinitely more terrifying about a demon that’s INSIDE an innocent-looking child’s toy, than there is about a ghost.

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I’m sure it must be the connection between the innocent (toys) and evil (demons) – or maybe it’s because the idea of a toy coming ALIVE AT NIGHT and scratching up your legs is just the most horrific concept in existence.

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There’s actually a lot of creepy dolls you can visit around the world – yep, people have put demonic dolls into containers, and allow human beings to come poke their fingers at them and, look, probably catch a few demons in the process.

If you DGAF about your soul’s safety, visit these guys, would ya?


Credit: Warren Occult Museum

Let’s start with the obvious – any quasi-haunted doll expert knows of Annabelle, the doll from The Conjuring which now has it’s own film franchise. She’s the doll the Warren family took into their home after she terrorised another family, including but not limited to choking (!!!) friends of theirs and writing (!!!!!) in child-like font (!!!) things like “help us”. Absolute NOOOOPE, you guys. Anyway – the point is, Annabelle the Doll is real and you can visit her, among other macabre stuff, at the Warren’s Occult Museum. 


Credit: Wikipedia

If you’re in Florida at any point, totally (don’t) go visit Robert, an evil doll that’s housed in the East Martello Museum. Robert is over 100 years old, having been purchased in 1904 by Robert Otto‘s grandfather while he was in Germany. According to local folklore, the doll has caused everything from car accidents to divorces, mainly connected to people who visit the doll and fail to respect it. So guys, if you do visit Robert, maybe don’t point and laugh at him, k?


Credit: Facebook / Letta Me Out

We did a whole entire article on this guy, but basically the doll – coined ‘Letta Me Out’, which isn’t really a name guys? But ok. Anyway he was found under a house (as all good evil dolls are) in Wagga Wagga, and now tours Australia. Apparently the doll likes to sometimes scream ‘letta me out’ which is, you know, super normal and not at all concerning. Anyway, he’s moved in the night, moved IN FRONT OF PEOPLE, the works.


Credit: YouTube.

No, really. A haunted Barbie. Basically, on the Singaporean island of Pulau Ubin, there’s a place called the ‘German Girl Shrine’. The shrine was allegedly created to honour a German couple’s daughter, who died after falling from a cliff in 1914 after the British army investigated her family. Her parents were captured, she fled, and the accident resulted in her death. The Barbie has actually only been at the shrine since 2007, and was apparently requested by the German girl via a dream a local man had three nights in a row.


Credit: Quesnel Museum

If you’re headed to British Columbia, pop into the Quesnel Museum to meet Mandy, a 90-year-old doll that haunted it’s owner before being literally thrust upon the museum. Basically, Mandy’s owner used to hear a baby crying from her basement. She’d go down there and find nothing. She said once she gave Mandy away, the crying stopped. The Museum’s staff have noted many strange goings-on since Mandy became a resident, like footsteps, things going missing, etc etc. She seems like a less evil doll than some others in this list, tbh. But nonetheless – HAUNT AS HELL.