Croatian Church Relents, Allows ‘Thrones’ Nudie Run

Earlier this week, Game Of Thrones‘ fifth season suffered a setback when the production team were forbidden from shooting a key nude scene in the Croatian capital of Dubrovnik, which doubles for the hotbed of intrigue that is King’s Landing.
A scene requiring Lena Headey‘s character Cersei Lannister to leave a church naked and walk down the street proved a bit too racy for the Church Of St.Nicholas, who have a strict “no boobs in the vestibule” policy, and refused to allow it.
The scene, known as Cersei’s ‘walk of penance’, is crucial to the plot, and as of today, it seems as if the Thrones producers have struck a compromise with Croatian authorities, allowing Joffrey’s mum the chance to have her nudie run after all.
TMZ report that actress Lena Headey has been granted permission to walk naked through the streets of Dubrovnik, between the city’s cathedral and the Sponza Palace, as long as she doesn’t defile the church by unleashing Cersei’s royal décolletage inside.
The church portions of the scene will be shot on a set, which seems like an entirely reasonable compromise for everyone concerned. Relax, Thrones fans, your artistically-necessary nudity will proceed as scheduled.

Image via Fanpop