WATCH: Critics Are Crapping Their Dacks Over New Horror Flick ‘Hereditary’

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a freshie horror movie trailer. Giving yourself the mild heebie-jeebies can really break up the monotony of a work-day arvo. Thing is though, the new trailer for much hyped horror flick Hereditary might give you more than just a little heeb and jeeb.

The new film, which stars *our* Toni Colette, along with Gabriel Byrne and ex-Nickelodeon star Alex Wolff, is getting fucking wild reviews from critics, with people calling it the scariest film to date – The Hollywood Reporter for example is calling it “arguably the most effective domestic horror chiller since The Conjuring and The Babadook.” And Thrillist said of the premiere “The screams in the theatre were almost as frightening as what was on screen.”

The film – directed by Ari Aster and from the producers of The Witch and Split –  is based around a family, right after the death of their matriarch. Her daughter (Colette) then begins to uncover dark secrets to her mother’s past, and the audience starts to learn of some not-so-okay elements to the family history at the same time.

Here’s the trailer – be warned, I absolutely screamed at my desk in one bit.