Controversy At The Miss Universe Australia Competition

The Miss Universe Australia competition has launched the careers of Erin McNaught and Jennifer Hawkins but was this week marred by controversy after 19 year old finalist Stephanie Naumoska was deemed (by most media outlets) too malnourished to compete.

Purporting to promote “healthy, proportioned, bodies” the organizers and judging panel of the pageant face harsh criticism for the inclusion of Naumoska, who at 180cm tall and weighing in at 49kg is malnourished by World Health Authority standards.

The controversy has overshadowed the 2009 winner Rachel Finch (pictured above) who has had to field a barrage of questions about body image: “It has been a little overwhelming but I’ve been saying that Steph is an amazingly nice girl who happens to have a thin figure,” Finch said. “Some girls are just naturally thin and Stephanie is exactly that.” You be the judge, and take a look at the picture below.

Naturally thin? This is one part disgustingly gaunt and one part “I can’t believe its not been stretched on photoshop”. Suffice to say there are other factors at play here than just a naturally thing body type.