Cole Sprouse AKA Grown Up Ben Geller Returns To The ‘Friends’ Couch For 25th Anniversary

cole sprouse friends couch

It’s September 22, which means the hit sitcom Friends is officially 25 years old.

Yes, the show that we all love, or love to hate, has been playing on our TV screens for a quarter of a century now, and to celebrate, Cole Sprouse (aka Ben) returned to the famous couch for a sneaky anniversary pic. Huge, I know.

cole sprouse friends couch

Sprouse, who won our hearts alongside brother, Dylan in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, actually got his start on Friends back in 1994. More recently, he’s played Jughead on Riverdale, and starred in Five Feet Apart as Will. But he seems like a man that wouldn’t forget where he came from.

So naturally, we were expecting a throwback of some sort to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

But boy, oh boy, I was not prepared to see him in all of his 2019 beauty on the classic Friends couch.

Ben Geller, now old enough to order a latte from Central Perk, sat down on the couch for a photoshoot that’s set to make every Friends fan lose their minds. Warner Bros. TV shared the photo on Twitter to remind us all that even Ben and Hugsie grow up at some point.

Friends-related content has flooded the internet this week in the lead up to the anniversary on Sunday, reminding us all that even after 25 years, people are still obsessed with this show.

The main cast all shared identical Instagram tributes to the show that made their careers, while the couch itself has been touring the world so you can sit your own ass on a piece of TV history.

Whether you love Friends, or you hate it, there’s no denying that this show is a huge piece of television history and it deserves some respect. I just hope this show never gets a reboot.