Clive Palmer Is Fairly Sure He’d Make A Better Titanic Sequel Than James Cameron

Loony Australian rich guy with a god complex, Clive Palmer, has made the rather ambitious assertion that he would make a better Titanic sequel than the guy who made the original – and has multiple Oscars to prove it – James Cameron. Wait, back up, Clive Palmer is planning to make a Titanic movie? 

Last year the unimaginably bored mining magnate announced plans to build a full scale replica of the ill-fated ocean liner, dubbed Titanic II, and told The Herald Sun this week that the vessel would function also as a working film set for a Titanic motion picture that would be waaaayyyy better than the original. 
“I think it will be, the script’s looking pretty good at the moment – it’s not finished but it’s very interesting,” he said. “We’ve got a number of people wanting to join and a number of production companies wanting to work with us, but we’re still working on the script.”

Palmer, who we’re calling P-Money from now on, will also produce a feature length documentary about the construction of the replica which I guess is an efficient use of resources and the kind of thing that made him so rich in the first place?