Climate Council Report Warns Extreme Heat In Australia May Be Unbearable By 2090

Australia’s climate council has just released a concerning report detailing, in more eloquent words, how royally screwed Australia’s climate is — and how human impact is all to blame.


A new report, “Quantifying The Impact Of Climate Change In Australia”, released by the Climate Council, claims that the current ‘heatwaves’ Australia experiences will feel relatively mild for humans of 2090 living in Australia, after the mercury will steadily rise over the coming decades. 

The Climate Council lays the blame of our impending hell on climate change, duh: the new report reveals recent research which claims that record-breaking temperatures in 2013 and 2014 could not have occurred without the impact of climate change and increased greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Without the human influence on climate, the record temperature Australia experienced in 2013 would occur only once in 12,300 years,” the report states, adding that the evidence of climate change directly impacting extreme heat events was “overwhelming”. The report can be read in full here.

As if on cue, Australia is experiencing a nation-wide scorcher today – at the time of writing (nearing 4pm, mind you), the lowest temperature in a capital city, according to the Bureau of Meteorology was Sydney, at 25 degrees. Adelaide, poor Adelaide, was topping the nation’s mercury at 37 degrees. I have never said this in my life, but it seems appropriate for this situation: struth.

Describing the future weather patterns of Australia at the end of the century, the report’s author Professor Will Steffen said, “You don’t want to live in that world. There’s even questions in the research community about whether societies will be viable in that world.”

Hey 2090. Ya don’t look so good.

Lead image by Scott Barbour via Getty.
via SBS.