P.TV Is Taking Over Your Actual TV With A Bunch Of A+ Iconic Films This Summer

Classic Movies Big Flick Energy

If you’re a fan of our website, PEDESTRIAN.TV, you might be wondering why the hell we have “TV” in our URL and we’re… not a TV show. Don’t worry, I have often wondered the same thing and I actually work here. (And I think it took my parents at least 6 months to figure out that I wasn’t actually Lisa Wilkinson co-hosting some kind of morning news show.) Anyway, I’m here to tell you that we’re finally living up to our name and taking this shit to the small screen this summer with Big Flick Energy.

What the hell is Big Flick Energy, you ask? Well, it’s a weekly movie night at 9pm on 9Go! (yes, actual TV) hosted by the fab Nina Oyama, which lets YOU decide between two classic movies to watch on your lazy-ass Wednesday evening, plonked in front of a $10 Bunnings fan desperately trying not to melt into oblivion.

Yep, you have the power here, m8s. Got strong feelings that Happy Gilmore is a far superior Adam Sandler film than Billy Madison? Well, you better vote so old mate Happy gets the airtime. Reckon that Parenthood is a more accurate representation of your fam dynamic than Uncle Buck? Throw in your two cents so the right classic movie gets played. A huge believer that Clueless whips Legally Blonde‘s butt when it comes to #goals female protagonists? It’s like you’re not listening… you gotta VOTE, guys!

To make your voice heard, head to the Big Flick Energy page right HERE before end of day Monday each week here to cast your vote.

Aside from seeing your fave classic movie on TV each Wednesday night, you’ll also get the chance to win the ultimate summer holiday, to the freakin’ Maldives to stay at the luxe Kandima resort. You won’t need your Bunnings fan there, let me tell you.

you, in the Maldives

Enjoy the movie madness and if you win, enjoy the bloody Maldives. Good luck, mates — and remember to tune in to catch these iconic flicks each Wednesday at 9pm on 9Go!.