Chris Pratt Wants You To Join Him On The Jurassic World Set

Handsome person Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt is offering fans the chance to meet him on the set of Jurassic World 2 in Hawaii. 
Whether you’re a fan of the giant dinosaur blockbuster – not the Clive Palmer rip-off – or of Pratt in say Parks and Rec or Guardians of the Galaxy, or just want an opportunity to try to jump his handsome bones, this might be your big chance to rub shoulders with the man before he gets even more famous and stops running his own social media accounts.
Pratt’s offering anyone around the world (except countries where there are significant restrictions on sweepstakes, like Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Syria…) two plane tickets to Hawaii, including four nights at the Mariott (fancy!), to “hang out” with him on the set of the Jurassic World sequel. And he’s pretty excited about it, comparing himself to Willy Wonka and writing in all caps. 
You can enter for free here, or by donating at least US$10 to Seattle Children’s Hospital by midnight Eastern Time on June 1. Every tenner you chuck their way gets you one entry into the contest, so if you’re feeling generous you’ve got even more of a chance of getting up in some animatronic shit. There’s a limit of 50 entries per person, so if you’ve got a spare US$500 (about $669), go nuts. 


Source: Facebook 


Photo: Universal