Chris Martin To Fill The Keith Urban-Sized Hole On ‘The Voice’?

Could Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow be ‘chucking a Joel and Nicole’ and relocating to Australia for the next season of The Voice Australia? According to some reports the Coldplay linchpin is a frontrunner to replace The Voice defector, Keith Urban, in the big rotating chair.

When news that Urban was jumping ship to judge The X-Factor in the United States, we assumed the replacement mentor would inevitably be another Australian (our guesses include Kylie Minogue, Bernard Fanning and Sia), however when you compare the kind of personalities and careers that Martin and Urban have, they are surprisingly similar.

Like Keith, Chris Martin is a pretty laid back kind of guy despite achieving massive commercial success. They’ve both won several Grammy Awards (Keith has four, Martin won seven with Coldplay). They are both married to A-List Academy Award-winning actresses (Gwyneth and Nicole Kidman) with whom they each have two kids. They’re both accomplished musicians who play numerous instruments (both play the mandolin, which is kind of unusual). Coldplay is signed to Capitol Records, while Keith Urban is with the label’s country music offshoot Capitol Records Nashville.

Uh TWINNIES, right?

PLUS, Gwyneth Paltrow has recently collaborated with Nicole Richie – wife of reigning Voice judge Joel Madden – on a limited edition accessories line for Gwyneth’s website Goop because the notably stylish pair are already good friends.

When it comes down to it, all those commonalities are coincidences that are tenuous at best so we asked the network. A Channel Nine spokesperson told us they “won’t be making any comment on the speculation regarding any of the rumoured season 2 coaches. We will announce all four coaches for 2013 once the deals are confirmed.”


Photo by AFP via Getty Images