Chris Hemsworth Tweets Gnarly Weight-Loss Pic After “Lost At Sea” Diet

Human males of the world, rejoice. For the next little while, Chris Hemsworth – the dude whose bod was deemed godly enough to cast as Thor – is going to walk around looking a bit more like us mere mortals. 
Why, pray tell? What could possibly possess a dude to betray dem gainz?
Filming on Hemsworth’s upcoming flick In The Heart Of The Sea would, apparently. 

While emulating Christian Bale on The Machinist is, uh, ‘admirable’, his scraggly visage takes some getting used to. We’re still waiting on confirmation that it is actually the Australian actor buried under all of that dirt.
Again, a reminder of what he left behind for the role:
The Ron Howard-helmed flick follows the real-life inspiration behind Moby Dick, and it’s set to open in December. Nobody is doubting his acting chops, but our boy better be copping an Oscar just for the dedication.
Story via Vulture.
Image via Twitter.