Chewie Goes Full Wookiee In ‘TFA’ Deleted Scene & Rips A Bloke’s Arm Off

Look, The Force Awakens was pretty decent. As decent as you could expect from a Star Wars movie released in the year of our Lord 2015. I think Rogue One was better and more original, but TFA went alright.

You know what would have made it better, though? A scene where Chewbacca rips a guys arm off and throws it across a bar. The fact that such a scene exists and was not included in the final cut is evidence that Hollywood is a deeply corrupt money-making cabal with NO INTEREST in what the people want.
The scene was teased ahead of a special edition release last year, but now the full clip is available for your perusal. Those fat cats at Disney just don’t want kids to see what Star Wars is really about (arms being ripped off in space pubs).
Just watch it:
What could have been.
Source: YouTube.
Photo: Star Wars.