Avoid The Hellish Summer Heat With A Bunch Of Throwback Flicks For $2 Each

I spent the last of my days off before work sprawled haphazardly on my bed in pyjama shorts watching TV and I have absolutely no regrets! Outside? That is where the heat is, fools! You see that big ol’ ball of yellow in the sky? Cursed object, bearing down temperatures that frankly I simply do not approve of. Over thirty degrees at 8am? No thank you!

So spending time indoors with your beloved family member, the television set, is a totally acceptable, viable and encouraged option. Especially when you can rent a buncha seriously iconic throwback classics for LESS than two dollarydoos – seriously, it’s cheap as chippies. So we’re here to show you where and how.

Here’s a few you should defs have a peep at ASAP.

John Tucker Must Die

Peak nostalgia vibes and would you just look at that lil’ pre-Pitch Perfect baby Brittany Snow! This flick about girls teaming up to destroy the boy who played them is iconic as heck – and honestly we’ve all been there (or ~ahem~ are there right now, coz frankly humans are trash who cannot text back).

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

It’s hot, so obvs we need a lil’ splash from Percy Jackson – ya know, the SON of the GOD of the SEA. He and his band of teenage demi-gods are all earnest and ready to save the world and I LOVE THEM ALL FOR IT, even though the name Percy will always reminds me of the older, boring Weasley.

The Fault In Our Stars

When the temperature rises, so too do my emotions and let’s be real, sometimes you need a solid sobbing session to really get it all out. If you weren’t snotty-nosed at the end of this film from having a good ol’ sook while shovelling popcorn into your gob, did you even watch it?

The Devil Wears Prada

All I need to know about this film is that all-time 10/10 human John Krasinski loved it even before he married Emily Blunt, who starred in the film – honestly I’d follow that man to the bitter end. Also, Meryl Streep? Iconic. The clothes? Stunning. Florals, in spring? Groundbreaking.


“This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet”. This film is probably responsible for 90% of the quotes I use on a regular basis, and it has one of the most recognisably soundtracks. If you didn’t sing The Moldy Peaches when you first watched it, rethink your choices.

The Martian

I have faith in any movie that stars a big name Hollywood celeb being saved by potatoes. It speaks to me on a spiritual level – potatoes are life. But it’s actually a pretty damn good movie and Matt Damon‘s rendition of an astronaut stuck on his own almost exactly resembles how stir crazy I go when I have the house to myself.

For real though, you can literally get these flicks for less than the price of a bus trip to the shops to buy the snacks you inevitably consume while watching them, so it’s a pretty good deal. Grab some old school lollies for a throwback afternoon of the ages.

All you gotta do is purchase them on Google Play or iTunes, which is a total cinch, for a grand total of $1.99 apiece. Most of these babies aren’t even on Netflix, so you’re gonna wanna get on that deal quick smart.

Folks, they’re a click away. No more faffing about wondering what you’re gonna watch with these babies ready to go – s’all sorted so you can get to your throwback viewing ASAP.