Charlie Sheen Ends Up In Bed With Lindsay Lohan For ‘Scary Movie 5’ Trailer

Remember the Scary Movie franchise? It was funny once, right? Maybe when Leslie Nielsen was in it or something. Now it’s reached the very bottom of the barrel, in which Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan end up in bed together, because what else do you expect from 2012? 

Just like American Pie, this is one series of films that just doesn’t want to quit. The fifth installment of Scary Movie, which spoofs Black Swan, Inception and Paranormal Activity with all the grace of a three hundred pound man falling onto a glass coffee table is out soon, and the trailer looks ridiculous. It’s full of actors you don’t care about, jokes that aren’t funny and far too many mentions of the word ‘rectum’ for our liking. And that’s before you see the actual movie. 
Our favourite Youtube comment? “This is shit! Bring back the Wayans brothers!’
Says it all, really.