‘Castlevania’ Season 2 Will Finally Make Its Return To Netflix This October

After a bloody long wait, Powerhouse Animations announced Castlevania season two will finally hit Netflix on October 26 – in time for Halloween. 

The news was announced at this year’s Anime Expo. 

You may have stumbled upon the wildly popular and highly rated English anime when it debuted on the streaming giant almost exactly a year ago. Much alike many of Netflix’s Originals, it popped up on the main screen and propelled you into a rapid binge session because there were only FOUR EPISODES – each lasting a cruel 23 minutes.

Long story short, most fans finished the first season in two hours max.

The gory series, based on a vintage video game, has the voices of Richard Armitage (Ocean’s 8, The Hobbit, North and SouthGraham McTavish (Outlander, The Hobbit, RamboAlejandra Reynoso (Winx Club !!!), and James Callis (Bridget Jones’s Diary, Battlestar Galactica, Austenland).

If you haven’t binged the series (yet) then here’s the gist of it:

Trevor Belmont (Armitage) is an incredibly salty vampire hunter who, though initially reluctant, fights to save a falling city from an army of… well, demons controlled by none other than Dracula (McTavish) himself.

Without spoiling the incredible first episode, you just won’t know who to root for because despite Dracula being Dracula – you’re gonna find yourself siding with the undead dude which sucks because you’ll 100 per cent also like Trevor.

Even if you’ve never watched anime before, the series is still a bloody winner:

Thankfully and unlike season one, season two of Castlevania will have eight beautiful episodes as announced by the Netflix panel at today’s event.

Netflix also announced the 2018 anime flick Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle will arrive to the streaming service July 16.

Powerhouse Animation teased the news in a tweet, earlier this week:

October 26, pals.

In the mean time, here’s the very, very good trailer for Castlevania: 

If you want to get into it, I suggest waiting until October 25.