Carrie Fisher’s Death Certificate Confirms She Suffered A Heart Attack

We are all still mourning the loss of the beloved Carrie Fisher, and Meryl Streep‘s tearful acknowledgment of her in last night’s Golden Globes speech made everything even more emotional. 
Today, TMZ obtained Fisher’s death certificate. Little conclusion is offered, and it still leaves us wondering how the hell this happened, and what did we do to deserve a world without Princess Leia? 
Nevertheless, the cause of death has been determined. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has listed it as “cardiac arrest/deferred” – basically meaning that, while it is known that Fisher had a heart attack, it still remains a mystery as to what triggered it. 
Toxicology tests will reportedly be undertaken to see if there were any drugs in Fisher’s system at the time of her demise, and this could take weeks. Her only child, the 24 year-old actress Billie Lourd, is listed as the notifying party, which just breaks our little hearts. 
Rely on The Force to get you through this difficult time. 
Source: TMZ
Photo: Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez.