Cards Against Humanity Made $71,000 By Selling Literally Nothing On Black Friday

Cards Against Humanity, the favourite card game of all your friends and also Lindsay Lohan (#NeverForget), made an absolute killing during the Black Friday sales this year, by selling nothing at all.
In keeping with its theme of giving zero fucks, the popular game took its entire store offline over the Thanksgiving period in the U.S, and replaced it with a payment form that would allow customers to pay them $US 5 for no goddamn reason at all.
Enough people were drunk / high / reckless enough to throw their money away that the Cards Against Humanity team made $US 71,145 in a single day. 
The people behind the game – who give away a free, printable version for those who don’t want to buy the box set, and are therefore probably deserving of a little love – have since released a statement, thanking their fans:
This year we offered our customers the ultimate Black Friday experience – the ability to buy nothing from us for $5. We took our entire store offline, and put up a simple payment form where people could give us $5.

11,248 people gave us $5, and 1,199 people gave us more than $5 by filling out the form more than once. One enthusiastic fan gave us $100. In the end, we made a windfall profit of $71,145.

Cards Against Humanity is known for our charitable fundraising – since 2012 we’ve raised nearly $4 million for organizations we love like Worldbuilders, the Sunlight Foundation, the EFF,, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Chicago Design Museum. We even started a $500,000 full-ride scholarship for women getting degrees in science.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how we would spend the money from Black Friday, and we’re happy to announce that this time, we kept it all. Here’s what we bought.
You can click here to see the things the team bought with their unexpected windfall; most treated themselves to Playstation 4 and Wii U consoles, but purchases fan from Lagavulin scotch to piano lessons and a suit of armour.
Donations were also made to an array of charitable organisations.
Well played, Cards Against Humanity. Well played indeed.
via TechCrunch
Image via Cards Against Humanity