WATCH: This Gnarly ‘Hot Wheels’ Track Beats The Shit Outta Any Of Yours

How mad are Hot Wheels tracks? I used to have a big box full of that shit which my brothers and I would use to make huge tracks for mum to complain about tripping over.

But all the tracks we built, as big and as awesome as we thought they were, come nowhere near the shit-hot track YouTubers 5MadMovieMakers managed to put together. For starters, this motherfucker starts from the second story of a house and continues through the backyard, along fences and concludes at the end of a long straight.

The video starts by showing each length of track in different shots, which, I’ll admit, lead me to believe the whole thing was a setup, but they go on to show the track in one continuous shot and then, the best part, a POV shot from a camera on one of the cars.

Frankly, it’s a goddamn masterpiece and I will hear no different. Have a bloody look at it in the video below. LOOK.

I’d bloody love to know, firstly, how much all that would have cost them, and secondly, how long it took them to put it all together. There would have been some painstaking trial and error adjustments going on there. Absolutely hectic shit.

If you reckon you’ve built a better track, I don’t believe you.