Brooke Apparently Has Something Huge To Say About Badge On ‘Bachie In Paradise’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The concept behind Bachelor in Paradise is functionally like an all-stars match, such as you would see in a professional sport. The two ways in which it most obviously departs from the format of an all-stars match (such as you would see in a professional sport) are: a) pretty well everyone is in swimwear the whole time and b) it’s not really the ‘best’ people from the other series so much as it is the ones that are most liable to flip out.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

The upcoming 2019 season of the show will feature such former stars as Richie Strahan and Alex Nation, who emerged as the couple from the 4th season, only to break up not long after, which is sure to present at least some kind of entertaining disaster.

It will also feature Brooke Blurton, who quite notably quit the show in the fifteenth episode of the sixth season, just before Nick Cummins opted to go with neither of the two women remaining. If the newest teaser for the season is anything to go off, she isn’t quite done with the drama, and is gearing up to spill something big about what happened between her and Badge.

The new teaser, posted today, shows Brooke nervously preparing to tell something that she was, apparently, expressingly asked by Cummins not to share. My money is on ‘weird penis’, but only time will tell what it actually is: