Brisbane Radio Hosts Hang Shit On Seth Rogen, Immediately Feel His Wrath

If Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets has taught us anything, it’s that famous people have feelings too, and those feelings are often hurt when people say dickheaed things about them on social media. 
Stav Davidson and Abby Coleman of Brisbane’s HIT 105 breakfast show learned as much today, when they poked the bear that is Seth Rogen, leading Rogen to swipe back.
This morning, the content-thirsty twosome were doing a segment in which they asked listeners to call in and tell them about any celebrity lookalikes that they are unhappy with. 
Stav tried to get the ball rolling by noting that the show’s audio guy bears a resemblance to Seth Rogen and hates it, and then, for some unfathomable reason, someone at the show Tweeted about this and tagged the actor in in. 

Rogen saw the Tweet, and as expected, resented the implication about his looks, telling the pair “that hurt my feelings!” They clearly thought he was kidding around, and smelling a scoop, asked him to call into the show. 
He was not kidding, however, and curtly asked the pair “why the fuck would I do that after you insulted me?”

Abby later admitted that she thinks Rogen is “cute”, but Stav wasn’t so kind, saying “I didn’t realise Seth Rogen was so sensitive … At least no one says they look like him in The Green Hornet … cos no one saw that piece of shit.”
Ladies and gentlemen, another day on Australian breakfast radio.
via News Corp
Photo: Jim Spellman via Getty Images