Brisbane Club Cloudland Sends Anti-Labor Texts To Patrons On QLD Election Eve

Happy election day, Queensland! It’s a special day for anyone over 18 in the Sunshine State, because two of the greatest things are being made available to you today: one, exercising your democratic right to vote, and two, demolishing a MF sausage sizzle at your local primary school while you do so. What a day to be alive!!!!!!!!

A handful of Brisvegas nightclubs, however, started to stir the democratic shit-fight melting pot a day early, as a report claims clubs owned by the Katarzyna GroupCloudland, Family and Press Club—saw its punters receive anti-labor texts last night. 

Sent to the database of contacts held by the Katrzyna Group, according to, the text messages read:

“Be careful with your vote on Saturday. Labor wants to shut pubs and clubs early.”

Wellity wellity wellity, folks. As you can probably imagine, sending out a group text to nightclub patrons that strays from the sentiment of “free pizza thatta way” or, “half price drinks” isn’t likely to go down well. Political propaganda, tho? Tell ’em they’re dreaming. 

The whole “Labor wants to shut pubs and clubs early” is bouncing off QLD Labor’s plans to follow the lead of Sydney’s lockout laws to place restrictions on opening times of venues and last drinks – a push that opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has been supporting in her election campaign.

Cloudland’s facebook page this morning is looking extremely far from zen, as punters and those on the text messaging database have taken their frustration out on the incident via social media, with their old-man-yelling-at-cloud anger reaching boiling point.

Posts have ranged from “You guys are absolute scum” to “Big mistake….huge!” to “You keep to the food and beverages and leave the politics for the people…..” and, “are you fucking kidding me?” among various other zingers (and a meagre few supporters of the text message). The club has also been criticised for their social media radio silence at the time of writing. Too busy firing whoever sent the message out, I guess.

The Queensland election will be called later on tonight – more on that outcome as it’s announced. 

Lead image by Agung Parameswara via Getty Images.