Brie Larson Crashed A Random ‘Captain Marvel’ Screening To Say Hi, Serve Popcorn

Considering how much money Captain Marvel made at the cinema in its opening weekend, a lot of people are going to be seeing Brie Larson at the cinema in the near future. Likely none of those cinemagoers will be seeing her to the extent that people who rocked up to see the movie at the AMC theatre in Clifton, New Jersey on Saturday did, though.

Those lucky people who happened to be in the right place at the right time were treated to Larson rocking up in a dope Captain Marvel tracksuit and jumping behind the concession stand to serve up popcorn that had her face on it. A very normal experience, probably.

Is it part of an exceptionally well-financed marketing campaign? Absolutely. Is it cute as hell? You bet your ass.

Captain Marvel centres around former US Air Force pilot and superhuman Carol Danvers (played by Larson) and a younger Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) back in the mid-90s in the midst of the KreeSkrull war, and is currently in cinemas.

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