Break Out Yr Juice Boxes ‘Cos ‘Will & Grace’ Is Already Renewed For Season 2

We’re all already hyperventilating at the thought of everyone’s favourite taboo-obliterating sitcom returning after ten long years – so maybe it’s a good idea to make sure you’re seated before hearing this next bit of news.

The new series of Will & Grace has already been renewed for a second season, and the first new episode hasn’t even aired yet.

That means we’re guaranteed at least two more seasons of Jack throwing shade on Brangelina’s breakup, Will and Grace playing off each other like neurotic comedy ballerinas, and Karen being the best character to have ever appeared on TV.

Also exciting is the news that the show runners have decided to completely ignore that famously depressing final episode – you know, where they’re all grown up and married with children and have “drifted apart” and UGH, no thank you.

Instead, the show’s going to pick up right where they left off, and (wisely) not fuck with perfection.

Frankly, it’s almost too much to handle. Break out the wine and the uppers, and get ready for a long, beautiful ride.

Even Ron Swanson‘s thrilled.