Brad Pitt To Be Cast As Gay Hat Maker

Okay, so maybe I went a little “sensational” with the heading, but it’s essentially true: milliner Philip Treacy (who is indeed a maker of hats and prefers the company of men) has expressed a desire to have Brad Pitt play him in the Isabella Blow biopic Treacy’s producing. He told Vogue UK, “I am trying desperately to forget that someone will actually have to play me in this film. I would never want to appear in it myself- I am a hat designer not an actor. Acting isn’t my forte. If I could pick anyone I’d run with Brad Pitt but it’s wishful thinking and perhaps not very likely I know.”

Not necessarily, Philip. Brad is heaps rangey so he could totally pull this off – and playing ‘gay’ is a bona fide award magnet: Tom Hanks in Philadelphia? Oscar. Sean Penn in Milk? Oscar. Charlize Theron in Monster? Oscar. Hilary Swank packing a strap on in Boys Don’t Cry: OSCAR.

No word yet on which actress will be responsible for portraying Isabella Blow, but Dior designer John Galliano has announced that he will play himself. Fabulous!

Title Image- Still from “The Counselor”