Brace Yourselves, Game Of Thrones Monopoly Is Coming

You might as well start calling your wallet the plughole, because that shit’s about to be drained. Sprawling and immensely popular dragons and incest series Game of Thrones is nothing if not a money spinner.

And for reasons that rank somewhere snugly in the “fuck it, why not” category, the show has gone ahead and moved into board game territory, with supreme game maker Milton Bradley putting together a Game of Thrones version of family-destroyer Monopoly.
Yes, soon instead of smanging a boot down to Pall Mall and smashing a hotel on that bad boy, you’ll be able to swoop your Three-Eyed Raven to Winterfell and erect a Keep that will make the Gods themselves quiver with fear.
The set replaces traditional properties with GoT-related locations like King’s Landing and Castle Black, whilst playing tokens include the aforementioned raven, along with a Direwolf, a White Walker, a Crown, a Dragon Egg and the Iron Throne.
In an added little bonus, this version of the game’s actually had its rating upped to 18+, in line with some of the more “adult” content of the series.
You’ll be able to get your greedy mitts on a copy of the game at some point this year via the HBO Store.
Soon, my friends. Soon all of Westeros could be yours…
Or, at the very least, you’ll get another chance to flip the board if you’re getting your arse kicked.