Bra Removal Contest In China

It’s takes years of practice to perfect the art of one-handed bra removal – even as a wearer of multiple bras it can take a lifetime of unclasping and de-hooking to get to your removal speed to a competitive level. It turns out that a competitive speed is 21 seconds to unclasp eight bras – as was the winning speed clocked by a participant in a one handed bra removal competition in a Chinese mall recently.

Competitors raced to de-bra a row of eight masked women who stood on stage wearing only shorts and bras. This contest was held to educate men on bras. “The workings of a woman’s bra are a mystery for many men – this activity helped more people understand bra culture and explore its secrets,” a spokesperson from the mall said.

Ahhh. Bra culture.

Here’s another example of “bra culture”: This dick has made an instruction video of how to remove a bra and put it on youtube. It’s been viewed 507,894 times which means this guy is a youtube phenomenon. Maybe if he spent more time actually removing bras and less time making stupid videos he wouldn’t still be a virgin.

A woman won the contest – eight bras, 21 seconds.

Via AOLnews