‘The Book Of Mormon’ Is Giving Sydney Punters The Chance To See It For $40

Not to alarm you or anything but the multi-award winning, absolutely dominating, and bloody ripper of a musical The Book of Mormon have announced a saucy AF ticket lottery so time to go wilddd*.

*Terms and conditions totes apply.

OK so a limited number of tickets worth $40 will be up for grabs! Entry is free but you only get two chances (lame) and you have to show ID in person otherwise no deal. There’s also a complete form to fill out, it’s the whole shebang. With the chance to see The Book of Mormon for just 40 bucks a pop, you can bet they’re going to be checking and double checking entrants for some cheeky cheaters so follow the damn rules.

If you’re not seeing the sense in how good this deal is, let’s do some QUICK MATHS. The actual seats can go for a staggering $180 so if you can win a ticket, you get total bragging rights on all your social medias. Just sayin’.

If you have any Liquid Luck handy, now’s the time to down it.

The human stampede will kick off Wednesday 28 Feb and continue before each performance at the Sydney Lyric Theatre. Soz rest of Australia, but Sydney gets the goods…once again.

You’ll have two and a half hours before each performance to dip your fingers in the lottery and the lucky names will be drawn two hours before curtain.

If you haven’t had the chance to jump on the musical train yet because “ew musicals” then prepare to be absolutely shooketh. The Book of Mormon has been playing for a consecutive 360 weeks on Broadway. Like dudes, that’s almost seven years. It has to be bloody spectacular.

Big surprise, tickets are already selling out fast so best to test your luck with the lottery.

…but if you’re un-apologetically lazy and don’t want to go outside until you honestly have to then you can just buy tickets HERE.

Either way, just see the show.

*Waves cyber jazz hands in your face*