Bondi Hipsters Unveil Chavvy New Side Project Cnife Krime

Having exhausted the comedic possibilities surrounding pretentious Bondi Hipsters who wear slouchy woolen beanies even in the height of summer (presumably to disguise male pattern baldness, but also because it looks cool), Nick Boshier and Christiaan Van Vuuren (along with brother Connor Van Vuuren) have unveiled a destructive new side project called Cnife Krime, and their first single, “London Underground”.

“Most of the video was shot whilst on holidays in London,” Van Vuuren tells us. “And it’s just a really, really, really elaborate and time consuming way for us to take the piss out of the current London hip hop sound, and the chavy dirty East End whiteboys that go around stabbing everyone at night.”

A sentiment we can endorse because if anyone deserves ridicule it’s those wild running youths who go around stabbing people. That shit ain’t funny.