Just A Bunch Of Spicy ‘Bird Box’ Memes To Feast Your Eyes On

Bird Box


Since its release on December 21st, Bird Box has been dominating the internet with its fucking intense plot and A+ acting chops from the likes of Sandra Bullock, Sarah PaulsonTrevante Rhodes and John Malkovich.

The Netflix Original has already drawn comparisons to A Quiet Place, mainly because viewers have experienced equally intense levels of butt-clenching throughout the entirety of both films.

In a nutshell, Bird Box follows Bullock’s character, Malorie, as she navigates this new post-apocalyptic world in which the majority of the population have been infected by creatures who are hellbent on controlling people’s minds and convincing them to kill themselves. The only deterrent the remaining survivors have discovered is to cover their eyes to avoid being infected themselves. Yeah, pretty heavy stuff.

[jwplayer x4Q6C1lV]

And while the plotline of Bird Box is anything but hilarious, the internet is still the internet so naturally the Susanne Bier-helmed film has spawned a series of chortle-worthy memes. Enjoy:




And just because one meme referencing The Office is never quite enough:

Bird Box is streaming on Netflix as we speak, get around it.