Billy Ray Cyrus Pulls Huge Dad Move With Grainy-Ass Photo Of Miley’s Wedding

Billy Ray Cyrus

Although we still don’t have actual, audio footage of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth‘s wedding (as in Miley herself saying she’s a hitched gal), it’s been all but confirmed that the pair did indeed tie the knot.

Along with a series of posts to Twitter and Instagram, the newlyweds (?) appeared loved-up to the point of nausea (just a bitter opinion of a singleton) and the world has erupted in a collective “awww”.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

That is, until ol’ mate Billy Ray Cyrus had to go and put his dad-sized foot in it with a classic low-res, must-have-been-taken-by-a-parent snap of the happy couple and their guests.

It all started innocently enough – Papa Cyrus uploaded an undeniably sweet photo to his Insta which shows a coupla happy parents sandwiching their daughter with a joint look of elation.

Well, I mean at least Tish Cyrus looks elated, Papa Cyrus looks a tad…broody?

Regardless, pretty solid snap and no one can tell me otherwise. The problem here is that the same photo was also uploaded to Tish’s Insta page, so we can’t even just assume that the Achy Breaky Heart singer used his own camera to take the Kodak moment.

What makes me incredibly suss is that the following two snaps uploaded to Papa Cyrus’ Instagram are far less impressive in the quality department.

Papa Cyrus owned up to his less-than-stellar snaps with the accompanying caption:

“Wedding wouldn’t be complete without one shot from Dads out dated blackberry camera. Love seeing you all so happy.”

So. Many. Questions.

First of all, who in their right mind has said to themselves, “Look the wedding was great, but I really could’ve done with some more grainy photos which you have to analyse for 20 minutes before realising that the face you’ve been staring at was indeed a candlestick“? Quite literally nobody.

Secondly, who still owns a Blackberry? No wait, let me rephrase that – what rich person still owns a Blackberry? I was under the impression that rich people burn phones as soon as they’re remotely outdated, so either Papa Cyrus is nostalgic as fuck or he hasn’t attended the monthly millionaire meeting for a solid decade.

It is quite endearing in a way and I guess it does trump the overly staged wedding snaps, but m8 c’mon it’s your daughter’s wedding (?), invest in a digital camera at least. At least.