Billie Eilish Debuted A New 70s Blonde Shaggy Cut & Instantly Smashed An Instagram Record

billie eilish hair new era

Billie Eilish has kicked off her new era by debuting her new hair on her Instagram – she’s said so long to the iconic black ends and slime green roots look she’s been sporting since early 2019, and gone and gotten herself a blonde shag cut with sweeping curtain bangs. Yes, I’m obsessed.

She showed off a new deeply 70s look on her Instagram early Thursday morning our time (a little treat for all us early-risers), asking everyone if they guessed her new cut and colour correctly.

Fans have been anticipating the big reveal of this new-era hair and look from Billie, after she teased it back in December on an Instagram Live. She said that after her documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry, came out, she was planning to change things up.

“It will be the end of an era,” she said.

“I’m going to give you a new era.”

The layers! The curtain fringe! The slightly-brassy blonde! I’m obsessed!

Her new mop comes just days after her appearance and performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards, where fans reckon Billie Eilish absolutely donned a wig that replicated her iconic green and black hair.

I mean, the woman wore a hat to the awards, and has been wearing some kind of headgear for the last little while – or at least since she did the photoshoot for her World’s A Little Blurry merch collection.

And even then, I’m pretty sure she’s wearing a styled wig in that too, which means she hasn’t posted a closeup of her actual hair since her Vanity Fair cover way back in January.

She also posted a TikTok on January 28, very clearly showing her readjusting her wig and bursting into laughter so yep, she’s definitely been working on this new era look for a minute now.



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In addition to this new look that has Billie looking like Amy Taylor from Amyl & The Sniffers (ugh, a dream), the new photo she posted up smashed an Instagram record.

According to chart data-tracking account @eilishdata, the pic racked up over a million likes in six minutes, making it the fastest picture in Insta history to hit those numbers on the platform.

She then went on to rack up over 5 million likes in under an hour, and then over 10 million within three hours.

God, I wish my hair had that level of power. I’d feel fucking invincible.