Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch Will Both Return For ‘Independence Day 2’

Apparently we’ve hit a point where not only have we ran out of original stories to tell in Hollywood, but we’ve also run out of recent original stories to cash in on and make sequels for, forcing studio executives to crack open the well of films that were made multiple decades ago and attempt to breathe new life into them.

Is it short-sighted? A little stilted and predictable? A sad indictment on the money-driven film industry that had its fulcrum swing away from creating art and way too far into profit guaranteeing territory many, many years ago?
Probably. But then again, the inner, starry-eyed child within is always loud enough to drown out the bitter idiots we’ve all become. And with that said, we squee – SQUEE, WE TELL YOU – with delight when bringing you the news that both Bill Pullman (forever to be confused with Bill Paxton with no one ever sure they’re referring to the right one at any given time) and Judd Hirsch will be returning to reprise their respective roles when the eye of the well rolls over the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 blockbuster classic Independence Day.
Director Roland Emmerich has long had the pair of sequels – entitled ID4ever Part 1 and Part 2 – in the works, and as of May the cameras will officially begin rolling.
As for cast, it’s been imperative that a lot of the core characters from the first effort return, and the news that Pullman and Hirsch will be heading back into battle only solidifies that. Pullman will, of course, be reprising his role of President Thomas J. Whitmore, though given the film is set 20 years after the original, it’s seemingly unlikely that his character will remain as the President of the United States.
As for Hirsch, whose re-appearance serves as something of a surprise, he’ll once again be playing the hyper-Jewish Julius Levinson, father to cable repairman/scientist/programmer/saviour of the world David, played by Jeff Goldblum who will also be heading back for round 2.
Along with Pullman, Goldblum and Hirsch, actors returning to the cast include Brent Spiner (who played the assumed-to-be-killed Dr. Brackish Okun) and Vivica A. Fox. Alongside those familiar faces comes a cast of new actors which includes ‘Strayas own Liam Hemsworth, Jesse Usher, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Travis Tope and Joey King.
It’s strongly rumoured that Hemsworth will be playing the son-in-law of Pullman’s President Whitmore, whilst Dylan – the son of Fox’s character – is also heavily rumoured to be featured.
The one glaring omission throughout the entire filming process is the film’s lack of Will Smith, and that will not resolve happily for anyone whose fingers remain crossed. Smith’s Captain Steven Hiller will not return in the new films.
The pair of sequels take place in the present day, but with a revisionist history that traces back to the first film – mankind as a society has had 20 years to study and harness the alien technology left behind by the first batch of invaders, and are now more equipped and prepared to take on a looming second wave attack.
The first of the ID4ever films is scheduled for release on June 24th, 2016.
Until then, we’re just gonna leave this here.