A Deepfake YouTuber Refuses To Stop Morphing Bill Hader’s Face & It Is Melting My Brain

Deepfake videos have been rising in popularity, as people much smarter and handier with artificial intelligence than me learn how to alter videos of people to make it look like they’re doing things they absolutely did not do. For simple fools like me, it just leaves us with our brains swimming as we don’t know what the fuck is real or not anymore.

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One YouTuber, Ctrl Shift Face, has become borderline obsessed with morphing different celebrities faces onto a young Bill Hader, while he impersonates them in interviews with Conan O’Brien and David Letterman. And it’s entirely fucking with my perception of reality.

Though this deepfake maestro has only been putting up videos for the last few months, they’re so incredibly executed you’d be totally ok in thinking that there was a glitch in the Matrix for a hot second. I definitely did.

Ctrl Shift Face created the deeply, deeply cursed masterpiece by making the changes in Hader’s face happen as he shifts his head to look at the audience, using the moments where his face is a little obscured by natural movement to change it into whoever he impersonates; Tom CruiseArnold SchwarzeneggerAl Pacino, and Seth Rogen.

The end result is something so heinously illegal and NO that it should be deleted from the internet simply because it’s making me feel too uncomfortable. Like how the fuck does his face just turn into another person’s face like that I hate it no thank you please delete.

I…what? How? HOW. This is going to fuel my nightmares for the rest of my life. They’re like three brothers who were forced to get the same haircut and clothes by their mum who secretly wished they were triplets or some shit.

How in the ever-loving fuck do Cruise and Rogen’s faces fit onto Hader’s scone so seamlessly?

I hate this even more. Extremely no thank.

Bill Hader’s mighty morphin’ face is not the only thing they’ve done with the deepfake tech (which absolutely, and I stress, freaks me the fuck out), they’ve also inserted people into movies where they shouldn’t be, like Jim Carrey in The Shining, and putting Edward Norton‘s face on Brad Pitt‘s noggin in that Fight Club scene where Edward Norton realises that Brad Pitt is actually him, Edward Norton.

Anyway it’s all fucked and cursed and yes this deepfake video technology has really big implications for the creation of fabricated videos about Real and Important Stuff but also it’s just nightmare fuel, pure and simple.