Bill Fkn Murray Rode A Horse Whilst In A Dress With A Mariachi Band For Jimmy Kimmel

Cards on the table here, that headline might well have been the greatest combination of words I’ve ever typed. Not a single syllable out of place.

When you’re Bill Fkn Murray you can just about do whatever it is you damn well please. Whether its crashing random people’s house parties and doing the dishes (I don’t ever want to know if that urban story is false), or casually pausing a golfing getaway to go to New York City at the last minute to sing the unknown lost love song from Jaws on Saturday Night Live.
You remember that one line from The Lion King where Mufasa is all “everything the light touches is our kingdom“? That applies to Bill Fkn Murray. Except it’s “everything Bill Murray touches turns to absolute spun gold.”
So with that said, please enjoy the following sequence of still images, compiled together to give the illusion of movement, in which Bill FKN Murray arrives on the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live at SXSW, wearing a lovely dress and a fetching cardigan, riding side-saddle on a horse, as a full Mariachi band plays around him.

Why would he do this? I reiterate at this point that the man is BILL. FUCKING. MURRAY.
And he can do whatever it is he wants.