Everyone Is Deeply Concerned Over The Fate Of Big Kev, A Stuart Highway Icon

There is nothing we Aussies love more than some stupid thing that is kind of gross and useless, but nonetheless an icon. Like Big Kev, the huge dinosaur statue on the Stuart Highway in Yarrawonga.

[jwplayer kNxQz5fZ]

Big Kev has a weird history – he was purchased by Tom Finlay from a Philippines seller back in 2007, seemingly just to jazz up the garden space in his Finlay’s Stone store. Since the dinosaur cost $10k, it seems like a strange jazzing-up method, but OK.

Since then, Bunnings has bought the space, moving it’s store onto the larger plot. Since the purchase, Big Kev’s fate has been undecided – Bunnings reps said they were aware of his iconic status but weren’t sure as to whether he’d be demolished in the move.

Now, ABC Darwin has confirmed Big Kev? Totally safe.

Andrew Marks, Bunnings Director of Property reassured locals and non-locals (like me, why do I care so much about this stupid dinosaur) that Big Kev was going to be kept safe.

“As part of the build, we will be dismantling Big Kev and putting him in storage while we build our new warehouse to ensure he is kept safe. We understand that Big Kev holds a special significance to Palmerston residents and we will keep them updated once we decide on the best place to put him.”

But some people are worried this statement just means they’ll put him somewhere weird, and not looming over the Stuart so everyone entering Darwin has to cop a look at the big bugger.

A Facebook user Val Van Hees commented:

As a newcomer I thought that whole place was one of the best experiences in Darwin. What an eyecatcher to folk driving in for the first time. Not the same putting him anywhere else. Use your imagination Bunnings!

Another, user Chris Matthews commented:

As long as they don’t think ‘the best thing for him’ is to remain in storage until everyone has forgotten about him.

Here’s hoping Kevvy the ludicrous brontosaurus (or whatever he is) remains pride-of-place after the move.