In October last year, Lara Bingle had just finished shooting the pilot episode of her Kardashian-style reality TV show, a project which has now been picked up by Channel 10 in a reportedly lucrative deal that will see “Being Lara Bingle” on television screens later this year.
Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Bingle said she was “nervous as hell” at the prospect of “[giving] her whole life away” with the show dealing with the last six to eight months of her life, which have been “the hardest period to date“:
(My family) were a bit apprehensive at first. When you ask someone to be in your so-called reality show, it’s a weird thing to ask… I’ve been through a lot with my family and they’ve been through a lot with me, and they support me in whatever I choose to do. Thankfully they’re supporting me in this show. With my dad passing away it’s just my mum, me and my brother, just the three of us and we’re very close.
Bingle added in a statement – that I can’t decide on whether or not it’s refreshingly honest or complete crap – that she wouldn’t be watching the show herself. You decide. (Well, you already did. Last year’s poll revealed 93.99% of you said you would watch it and we’re going to hold you to that.)

Title Image by Graham Denholm via Getty