BAM: First Ever Trans Queen Cast On ‘Drag Race’ To Star In Doco Of Her Life

If you’re well versed with the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, then you’ll have a fair idea of who Peppermint is. If not, then please know that she made history herstory by being the first transgender queen cast in the search for the next drag superstar.

Over the years on Drag Race, queens like Gia Gunn and Jiggly Caliente have come out as transgender after their respective seasons, and Monica Beverly Hillz famously came out during the filming of Season Five. 
All these queens have been important and instrumental in the progression of the drag world as an inclusive community, and Peppermint’s time on Season Nine has absolutely contributed.
For the past year (including the time she’s been on Drag Race) Peppermint has had a film crew following her – because she’s releasing a documentary about her journey through life and drag culture.
The working title is Project Peppermint’ and hoo mama it looks real bloody good.
Now, a heads up, there’s going to be some DRAG RACE S9 SPOILERS in the following, so if you’re not up to date then that’s on you. 
Peppermint (known as Agnes Moore) has found herself in the top four of this season, meaning she has a very good chance of being crowned the top of the pack. 
During her time on the show, she’s had a doco crew following her experience, getting her personal perspective on the show, the competition, and how important being on RPDR is to her.
The film crew have captured about 100 hours of time with Moore, documenting her rise to drag celebrity status, her home life, and her journey through transitioning and Gender Confirmation Surgery.
“Eight years ago, I said to myself that the only way I’m going to afford to transition is if I become a sex worker,” Moore says in the doco’s trailer.
“Then, when RuPaul’s Drag Race came out, I said ‘there’s an option that’s not sex work.’”

The team behind the doco have an IndieGoGo going to raise funds to get the doco to a finished, polished product.

Check out the trailer below, and see if you can spot the sneaky cameo from Laverne Cox.

Photo: World of Wonder / RuPaul’s Drag Race.