Honey Badger Is Escaping Australia As Nation Prepares For ‘Bachie’ Fallout

There’s an established pattern of post-finale media appearances for the winners of The Bachelor. There are the cutesy interview on The Project, the endless magazine spreads, and of course, the loved-up Instagram posts.

Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins seems to have said fuck all of that, because old mate is heading to Papua New Guinea. Today.

Speaking to the Manly Daily over the weekend, Badge’s mate James Brodie said the pair will be flying to the Kokoda Track to hike the storied trail for eight days.

Hilariously, Brodie said Cummins’ time on the Bachelor set “absolutely helped his mental state and built his mental toughness to deal with all sorts of things.” Because being the star of a reality TV show is commensurate to hiking a trail known worldwide for its bloody World War II history.

Cummins’ latest Instagram Story confirms the plan, too.

via @NickBadger / Instagram

That seems to suggest Badge has eschewed the usual schedule of public outings which accompany a season finale, and it definitely means he will be out of the country when the nation discovers who stole his heart in Wednesday’s finale.

Tellingly, his absence in the aftermath of that revelation gives some credence to the theory that he has actually already split with the show’s eventual victor, and there has been no indication he is heading to PNG with a romantic partner.

Has the entire season been for absolutely nothing? We don’t know, yet, but admit it: it would be pretty bloody funny for everyone involved if that does prove to be the case.