The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Is Here Ft. Absolutely Bloody Everyone

Months after a select group of fans went ballistic over the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Marvel Studios has unleashed the beastly footage upon Planet Earth. 

Those first lucky viewers were right: this thing looks bloody massive.

Featuring basically every major hero introduced over the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s initial ten years, the clip also showcases the planet-crushing potential of big bad Thanos, coolly portrayed by Josh Brolin and his CGI jawline.

As this is a trailer and not a full feature film, we don’t feel too bad about spoiling it: the Guardians Of The Galaxy crew has finally found its way into the broader story arc.

Then again, we probably wouldn’t even need to warn you about spoilers. If you’re a Marvel fan, there’s every chance you’ve already hit ‘Play’ on the video with below with such gusto you have glass splinters in your thumb. We could say anything here, really. Like, maybe it’s actually ridiculous Iron Man isn’t already dead, the big metal idiot.

You might get to see him crushed into nothingness when the film arrives in May next year. Anyway, trailer. BEHOLD: