Australia’s Next Top Model Host Leaked Accidentally, Probably via Earpiece

If you were planning on waking up early tomorrow to listen to The Kyle and Jackie O Show or if you were going to live stream the announcement via News Ltd of the new Australia’s Next Top Model host, don’t! Because A) what the fuck are you doing listening to The Kyle and Jackie O Show and B) TV Tonight has already leaked the information and this could be the answer you’ve long and misguidedly been waiting for.

According to the TV blog, the new host of Australia’s Next Top Model is Kelsey Jennifer Hawkins, who, if it’s true, is so like this right now:
Hawko allegedly is now confirmed to have beaten out other close contenders for the title, including Megan Gale (who already hosts Project Runway), Nicole Trunfio (who has more important things going on), Liz Hurley (who is too busy being Missus Warne) and Miranda Kerr (who I don’t believe would have ever truly considered a hosting gig on Australian pay television because success). 
Jen hosted Make Me A Supermodel in 2008, the series that unearthed Victoria’s Secret Angel Shanina Shaik and one or two other people you see on the back of a bus from time to time, so she’s used to delivering crushing blows to the dreams of young, socially inept women. She also did a stint on The Great Outdoors, which will bode well for her once they reach the international destination round. Prescient:

To her credit, Jen has also honed her glazed over expression to perfection, a trait that will put her in good stead with similarly as glazed over audiences, myself included, who can’t believe they’re still watching a show that speaks to them like infants. Hopefully a new host can bring new blood and new music to the show, which after seven local franchises and God/Tyra knows how many international ones, desperately needs it. It’s not 2005 anymore, we’re living in a different world now.

Photo by Caroline McCredie via Getty