I Binged The Latest Spicy Aussie Drama, Love Me & Here’s The 3 Life Lessons I Learnt

I’ve been in a long-term relationship for a few years now but one thing I’ve learnt as I’ve gotten older is that relationships are constantly changing. 

TV and movies make it seem like once you’re together that’s it, feel free to ride off into the sunset and never work on your relationship again, right? Wrong. 

Sorry to break it to you but love isn’t all fairytales and butterflies (even if it is sometimes). New Australian show, Love Me is representing dysfunctional love in all its messiness and glory and honestly, it was refreshing to see “imperfect” love on-screen.

Love Me is a BINGE original six-part series that tells the story of the Mathieson family. Set in Melbourne (which is a character in itself), the family is depicted by some incredible Aussie actors. 

Patriarch of the family, Glen is portrayed by icon Hugo Weaving, eldest 30-something, career-focused anaesthetist daughter Clara is played by Bojana Novakovic, younger Uni Melb law student brother Aaron is depicted by William Lodder, while their mum Christine is played by Kiwi actress Sarah Peirse. Love interest Bob Morley is also completely swoon-worthy as heartthrob Peter K.

This show has everything. A family tragedy, sibling rivalry, young love as well as some truly spicy sex scenes. (Pro tip, don’t watch with your own mum as there’s a full-frontal cunnilingus scene in the first ten minutes, you’re welcome.)

After bingeing this brill series over a weekend, I thought I’d share my findings on love with you but don’t stress, there’s no spoilers ahead so you can binge it yourself, asap.

Consider others when making sweeping life decisions. 

While this TV show had everything and more, it also makes me want to shake the characters and yell “What are you doing?!”. I think that’s part of its appeal though. You get involved with their drama and love dilemmas and in the end, really root for them. 

But it definitely taught me to always think about others before making huge life decisions. Especially when there’s consequences for your family.  

Don’t rule out potential love interests because of their job.

Okay, this one may seem obvious but it’s incredibly easy to do. If you’re a career-focused person who pins their identity to how they make money then it can be easy to rule out potential relationships because you’re not willing to get to know someone. 

Aside from being a downright shitty thing to do, you could lose so much magic, memories, and fun by engaging in the old cliché of judging a book by its cover. 

Love feels shit.

Don’t get me wrong, love in all forms whether it’s from a parent or friend or partner is amazing. But love also comes with darkness. It comes with grief and vulnerability and heartache. But that doesn’t mean we should hide away from the world and be cold. Who likes the cold, anyway? 

Throughout Love Me, we see a family that gets ripped open by love. In both good and bad ways. 

Tbh, I haven’t stopped thinking about the Mathieson family since my binge sesh ended. I think there’s parts of all of us in them and the inter-generational depiction of Aussie love is more needed than ever. 

So, watch the drama of the summer on BINGE if you want a real depiction of love, a heartwarming cry, and some of those spicy sex scenes.